Three recent occurrences got me to thinking about how desperate liberals are to affect change on America, and how tenuous their hold really is over public opinion (and I’m using the term “liberals” as a catch-all to include pretty much everyone who believes in undermining the constitution’s limits on government, not just Democrats…perhaps “statists” is a better term).  The three events are represented by an article, a speech, and a decision:

– THE ARTICLE: “Anarchy in the GOP: The End of Authority in the Republican Party” by Peter Beinart in The Atlantic on 12 June

– THE SPEECH: A commencement address given on 14 June by President Barack Obama to graduates of UC Irvine, in which he mocked climate change “deniers” and urged the students to take on global warming as a cause

– THE DECISION: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on 18 June cancelled six federal trademarks of the Washington Redskins football team name because it’s “disparaging” to Native Americans, after which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the team will be “forced” to change its name.

These events aren’t the only ones that serve as evidence to support my theorem, but their recent occurrence in rapid succession really helped it solidify in my mind.  Some other events that also serve as proof are the widespread backlash against Common Core federal education standards, the constant usurping of public will when judges overturn voters’ decisions against “same-sex marriage”, the federal government’s facilitation of an overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants to counter the lack of support for granting them amnesty, and the partisan ramming through of Obamacare despite majority public opposition and lack of a single Republican vote.

What all of these events show is that, despite widespread support within the media and the leadership of both political parties for all of this expansion of government power at the expense of individual liberty, the American people – by and large – simply don’t want it.  The public is opposed to many of these changes, and the proof of that lies in the fact that they must literally be FORCED upon us.  Even those who don’t fully grasp that the purpose of the Constitution is to limit government still know there’s something wrong with what’s happening to our country, and they’re refusing to simply embrace it.

In THE ARTICLE, Beinart suggests that Republicans, in order to win elections, need to view “the growing percentage of Latinos, African Americans, and young people” as the Democrats do, as “a growing constituency for tolerance and social justice” instead of “a growing constituency of takers, who want to turn America away from its exceptional nature.”  In other words, the GOP needs to ignore its base and basically become Democrats. Beinart criticizes “Republican activists [who] demand politicians willing to take extraordinary, Ted Cruz-like measures to reverse history’s course” over so-called “Conservatives like [Eric] Cantor, “who accommodate themselves to demographic trends by supporting citizenship for some undocumented immigrants” and “must therefore be replaced with politicians who will stand militantly on principle.”

In THE SPEECH, Obama took the occasion of a college graduation ceremony to slam his opponents, particularly those in Congress, who deny that changes in the climate are caused by mankind.  Despite Obama’s claim that “the overwhelming majority of scientists who work on climate change…have put that debate to rest”, the issue remains highly controversial, as many Republicans and some Democrats oppose Obama’s plans to limit emissions from power plants, due to the harmful economic consequences that would inevitably occur as a result.

In THE DECISION, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office succumbed to media-inspired political correctness by declaring that a “preponderance of…evidence [shows] that a substantial composite of Native Americans found the term REDSKINS to be disparaging”.  In fact, the number of people offended by the team name is a small minority, even among Native Americans…and that is precisely because they recognize that the name is not meant as any kind of slur, but is rather intended as a show of respect and deference for the courage, toughness, and pride typically associated with Indians.  No football team wants to be associated with something that’s undesirable or weak, so to think that the name Redskins is in any way meant to be insulting is simply ignorant.  And since the majority of people agree with that sentiment, the government had to resort to statism to affect the change it wanted to occur and that the media has so far been unable to convince the public to force on its own.

It is these applications of statism – of government force and media manipulation to affect change – that proves the tenuousness of liberals’ control over the public.  We hear all the time about how the media is unbeatable…and yes, it’s true that the media and politicians will often do everything they can to disparage and smear and ruin anyone who dares to not accept whatever politically correct “progress” we’re told we must embrace from one day to the next.  However, that power to influence public opinion is a mile wide, but only an inch deep.

The American people, in general, despite decades of conditioning and indoctrination via public education, STILL don’t like being told what to do.  One need look no further than the vast majority of instances in which voters express their overwhelming opposition to “gay marriage”, despite the constant barrage from the media and politicians proclaiming it the new frontier of civil rights and equality.  Or the formation and continued existence of the “Tea Party”…which isn’t really a political party at all, but rather an ideological movement of Americans (of all political stripes) who revere the founding principles of this country and want to preserve them in the face of constant assault.

The only way that the liberals – the statists – can affect the change they want to occur is by literally FORCING it upon us, and it will not take much to topple that power structure they’re constructing in order to further enslave us.  Indeed, every day, more and more citizens become cognizant of the constant encroachment upon their personal freedom, and they’re getting fed up with it.  And if they can also be made to fully understand that the purpose of the Constitution is to limit government, in favor of individual liberty – and not the other way around – then an ideological revolution to restore the republic is well with our grasp.

That’s not to say that it will be accomplished immediately…the constitution wasn’t shredded overnight, and it won’t be repaired overnight.  This is a long-term proposition, to be sure.  But it is attainable, because the power of the media and government and political correctness over us is only as strong as we allow it to be…and it’s about time that we finally shrug it off and boldly press forward to reclaim our God-given liberty from those who live to deny it.

— written on 18 June 2014

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