Embrace The Debate – the FREE e-book

FINALLY…real-life examples of someone intellectually defeating liberals who want the government to do more than it’s allowed, as well as libertarians who don’t even want the government to do the very few things it’s required to.  Also includes many free-form topical columns about various topics, all based upon one simple premise: the purpose of the Constitution is to limit government in favor of individual liberty, not the other way around.

Read this free e-book to learn how to focus on the core fundamental truth that really matters, despite any efforts to distract by those with whom you might find yourself engaged in a debate.  See how to steer any discussion back to the singular issue that matters in any argument about government: if it’s not REQUIRED by the Constitution, then it’s not ALLOWED.

Just click on the below link, and enjoy!  As you’ll discover with the pages of this book, I welcome any and all feedback.  You can comment on this page, or I can be contacted at embracethedebate@ymail.com or on Twitter: @embracethedeb8.  Good luck trying to win an argument with me though!

Embrace The Debate




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