Inside Source Tells How Intrepid FBI Agents Snuck Past DOJ Stonewalling on Clinton Investigation


(1) The reason Comey was able to engage in open insubordination Friday is the obvious one: They all know he has the goods on them, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop him.  He is the most powerful person in DC right now.  He got talked into the ridiculous pass for Hillary in July and the agents were all screaming bloody murder.  He knew he couldn’t keep a lid on it any longer, and that the administration could do nothing to stop him, lest he blow the whistle on the whole damned lot of them.

(2)  He has the goods on Obama too.  That’s why the White House had nothing but good things to say about him yesterday.  Why would someone use an alias on a secure system?  Again, the obvious answer is that Obama knew he was communicating classified info on an unsecure system.  So he is as guilty as she is.

(3)  That’s the message Bill Clinton delivered on the tarmac to the less-than-brilliant Loretta Lynch—that Obama is in this up to his ears, so if Hillary goes down, everyone does, including her boss.  And including Lynch herself: ordering investigating agents not to use subpoenas, a grand jury, or search warrants, as in literally every other investigation in FBI history, and to stop investigating the Foundation fraud, is obstructive conduct, in violation of several criminal statutes.  So everyone up and down the chain is guilty.  Bill just needed to make sure this dim-witted Attorney General got it.

(4)  We need to put out an APB for Loretta Lynch.  Maybe she is in hiding along with Huma.  Immediately after your subordinate openly flouts your direct order to stand down, you just vanish.  What does that tell you?

(5)  The whole cabal took their eyes of the ball while the angry FBI agents got their field office in NY to open the Weiner investigation.  The FBI doesn’t investigate sexting cases!  But the agents knew, from private communications with Judicial Watch, that Huma had most of the “deleted” emails stored on her unsecure home computer, the same computer housing the inbox for her unsecure yahoo email account which was hacked along with all of the yahoo accounts several months earlier.  The agents knew they could access the incriminating evidence through the contrived Weiner investigation, and it worked.  Before the DOJ leadership realized what was happening, the NY agents got a search warrant and seized the computer.  Checkmate.

(6)  The “deleted” emails contain enough incriminating admissions to put Hillary and Bill away for life.  All these emails are maintained and accessible from the NSA, and everyone in DC knows it.  It would take the NSA about five minutes to retrieve them all and copy them to a thumb drive.  But Comey wasn’t allowed to go there.

(7)  The whole thing is going to blow, either before or after election day.  It will blow up before Tuesday if Julian Assange releases the 33,000 “deleted” emails this week, as anticipated.

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