Supreme Court strikes down Obama recess appointments…SO WHAT???

We’re getting caught up in Obama’s unconstitutional actions regarding recess appointments to the NLRB…all well and good.  But while we’re doing that, we’re just glossing over – no, completely ignoring – that nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given any authority whatsoever to establish anything remotely close to the NLRB!  If anyone can find any language at all within the enumerated powers that comes anywhere close to authorizing such an organization, I’d love to hear it.  Just because a law was passed “authorizing” the government to do something, that does not necessarily make it constitutional. And if it ain’t constitutional, then it ain’t legal.  The constitution is THE legal precedent.


I have no idea if he is A bad guy…I don’t even live in Mississippi. All I know is that he was a less favorable candidate than McDaniel, and that the GOP (and Democrat) party leaders are glad that Cochran won. I’ve heard much talk about conservative/Republican base voters being so ticked off by how he won that they’re either going to sit out the general election in November, or even maybe vote for the Democrat candidate. I completely understand that sentiment, but if you think you’re going to teach the GOP leaders a lesson that way, think again. They cannot be persuaded to change…our only option is to defeat them. In order to take back our country from those who would “fundamentally transform” it, we must first take back our party from those who have abandoned its fundamentals. Instead of voting for Cochran’s Democrat opponent or staying home in November, the better plan is to turn out to vote in record numbers, and to make Cochran the most voted for Republican candidate in Mississippi electoral history. Remember, you’re not really voting for Cochran…you’re voting to give the Republicans majority control of the Senate once again, to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and to thwart Obama’s plans to further diminish America. This is a LONG struggle…the Constitution wasn’t shredded overnight, and it won’t be restored overnight. And Thad Cochran is a follower…he’ll do whatever the GOP leadership tells him to do. So let’s take over the leadership of the party from those who would make it Democrat-lite, and make that the first step toward taking back our country from those who are more than happy to see America knocked down a peg or two. Who’s with me?

If it's not enumerated, it must be eliminated!